Floral Care

Cut Flower Care

Carefully remove all packaging.

For bouquets, use a sharp knife or quality scissor/sheer to cut a half inch from bottom of stem at a 45+ degree angle. Place flowers in a vase with warm water, large enough that at least half the stem is submerged in water - unless otherwise specified.

For vased arrangements, fill vase to top upon arrival using warm water  - unless otherwise specified.

Remove all leaves which lie below the water level; these will decompose and contaminate the water, killing off your flowers.

Place the bouquet in a cool position, away from heating or cooling vents and appliances, direct sunlight or drafts.

Keep the flowers away from fruit - the gas that is given off when ripening will kill your flowers.

Completely refresh water or add water daily. 

*Optional* Give flowers a fresh cut and lightly mist the air around them - daily.

Orchid Care

Orchids thrive in room temperature environments with bright natural light, no direct sun.

Orchids in clay containers need a thorough watering as follows:

  • 4" clay about twice per week

  • 6.5" clay about once per week

  • 9" clay about on per 10-14 days.

Orchids in glass and ceramic containers need watering once every week using 1-3 ounces of water depending on container size.

Never allow water to get in the crown of the leaves or on the blooms.