W E E K L Y F L O R A L S // B I - W E E K L Y // M O N T H L Y // S E A S O N A L P L A N T S & H O L I D A Y

Providing weekly floral subscription arrangements for offices, commercial & residential lobbies is our specialty. All arrangements are custom made and all service programs are tailored to our clients’ needs with close attention to detail to complement our client’s space.

We also offer unique bi-weekly and monthly orchid and flowering plant displays.

Additionally, we can service all of your seasonal plant and holiday display needs.

Our approach is design and quality driven, which is what separates us from most. Week after week, our design team creates unique and custom designs, while providing the highest level of client services. We meticulously procure and use the finest quality flowers, plants, and accents for all of our arrangements. Additionally, we will work with your preferred design style and budget parameters to ensure your satisfaction. At SFL, we strive to provide the greatest value for our subscription clientele, not only with the finest blooms but with upgraded arrangements and in most cases, no delivery charge. Our team is professional and friendly.

We offer various price options depending on your budget parameters and quantities.

For all inquiries, please contact Jason Fell via email [ jason@sterlingfell.com ] or call (212) 879-0777 to set up a phone and/or site consultation.